The Society for Imprecise Probabilities:
Theories and Applications

Stack exchange

The SIPTA community wants to promote the use of the popular Stack Exchange (SE) Question & Answer sites to answer questions about Imprecise Probabilities (IP). We encourage anyone having a question about IP to

  1. Post the question on an appropriate SE site, among which are:
  2. Post a link to the question in the mailing list, to make the community aware of it.

Please also encourage others, such as junior researchers and students, to ask questions on these forums.

For the mathematics SE site, there is a designated imprecise probability tag that gathers questions and answers related to imprecise probabilities. Please use it to tag your question so that others can easily find it. For the other SE sites, no such tag exists. If you have the right to create such a tag at (one of) these sites, please consider doing so and let us know.