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Kuznetsov's book ''Interval Statistical Models''

SIPTA has received the permission to make freely available Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov’s book ‘‘Interval Statistical Models’’. We are grateful to Igor Petrovich Kuznetsov and Evgeni Vladimirovich Kuznetsov for giving their authorization as legal owners of the copyright of this book, and to Igor Kozine and Enrique Miranda for their help in making this possible.

You can download the whole book (in Russian) as a single pdf file, or in different parts:

An English translation of the contents is available here.

Collective translation project

Unfortunately, Kuznetsov’s book is currently only available in Russian. A project to enable a collective translation of the book has been set up under the umbrella of SIPTA, initiated by Enrique Miranda and Erik Quaeghebeur. The current state is updated regularly. The end goal is a publishable translation, but the effort may prove useful long before that goal is reached.

The project is housed on GitHub, as a (currently) private organization. SIPTA members interested in just having a look or participating should send their GitHub user name to Erik Quaeghebeur. They will then be given access and, in case you express an interest to participate, follow-up steps will be initiated. In case you want to participate, but strongly prefer not to go through GitHub, or if you already know in which way you prefer to contribute, please say how in your mail. People that know Russian are obviously very valuable as translators or translation-correctors. However, many tasks do not require knowing Russian (beyond Google translate). Individuals’ contributions will be tracked, so that everyone involved can be given due credit.