The Society for Imprecise Probabilities:
Theories and Applications


The SIPTA newsletter

In the early days of SIPTA, the newsletter was our main tool for informing SIPTA members about our activities, and about imprecise probabilities in general. It was edited by Fabio G. Cozman until 2008 and has since been replaced by the BLOG.

These newsletters have lost most of their relevance, but since they provide such a nice flashback into SIPTA’s history, we decided to keep them available here anyway. Enjoy.


When SIPTA was created, documentation on imprecise probabilities was scarce. There was no introductory book that covered the various subtopics of the field, nor was there any school or tutorial material available. SIPTA therefore composed a list of documents covering various aspects of imprecise probabilities. These were written specifically for SIPTA, by members of the community, and are not available elsewhere. We keep them available in this archive since they may still be of interest. More recent documentation, covering a much wider range of topics, is available at our documentation page.