The Society for Imprecise Probabilities:
Theories and Applications

SIPTA School

The SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities is organized every even year, since 2004. The aim of the school is to introduce interested students to the basics of various imprecise probability topics, both theoretical and applied.

Some of the best specialists in different aspects of imprecise probabilities lecture, for about one week, on the main concepts and techniques in their area of expertise, in a friendly environment favouring interaction between participants. An important part of the time is devoted to the resolution of proposed exercises involving applied problems.

SIPTA School 2022

The Tenth SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities will be held in Bristol, UK, on August 15-19 2022. It is organized by the Epistemic Utility for Imprecise Probability group. We will introduce the main theoretical aspects of imprecise probability models, decision making using such models, statistics in imprecise probability theory, the use and applications of imprecise probabilities in artificial intelligence, and evaluating imprecise forecasts. More information is available at the school website: The school will be hosted both in person and virtually. Student bursaries are available to help cover travel and accommodation costs.

SIPTA School 2020/2021

The Ninth SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities was organised by the Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, UK. It was initially scheduled to take place in July 2020, in Liverpool, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It eventually took place online during the winter of 2020-2021, as a series of seperate lectures. All the school material, including recordings of the lectures, is available here.

SIPTA School 2018

The Eight SIPTA Summer School took place in Oviedo (Spain) from the 24th to 28th of July 2018. It introduced the main theoretical aspects of imprecise probability models, and belief functions in particular, as well as their applications to machine learning, decision making and engineering.

Previous SIPTA Schools