The Society for Imprecise Probabilities:
Theories and Applications

Related events

Besides the ISIPTA conferences and SIPTA schools that are organised by SIPTA, there are also various other events that provide a forum for presenting and discussing work on imprecise probabilities. If you’re looking for an informal workshop with plenty of opportunity for intense discussions, you might want to attend a WPMSIIP. For more formal events, you can check out our list of forthcoming conferences that welcome contributions on imprecise probabilities, or that organize special sessions or tutorials on imprecise probabilities.


The Workshop on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval Probability (with its tongue-twister abbreviation WPMSIIP) is a yearly workshop related to interval probabilities and, more generally, imprecise probabilities. Since its first edition in 2008, it has been steadily organised until 2019. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a break in 2020 and 2021.

In contrast with conferences, WPMSIIP focuses less on formal presentation of finished work, and more on informal discussions about new lines of research. For the recent editions, more information is available on the websites of the events.

Conferences, special sessions and tutorials

The following list provides basic information about forthcoming conferences, special sessions or tutorials that may be of interest to the SIPTA community. If you are aware of an event that you think should be included in this list, please contact our Executive Editor.

IPMU 2024, July 22–26 2024, Lisbon, Portugal

There’s three special sessions related to imprecise probabilities: (i) Dynamic decision models under uncertainty and imprecision, organised by Davide Petturiti and Barbara Vantaggi; (ii) Imprecision and uncertainty in image processing and analysis, organised by Isabelle Bloch, S├ębastien Destercke, Roman Malinowski and Olivier Strauss; and (iii) Theoretical and applied aspects of imprecise probabilities, organised by Enrique Miranda and Ignacio Montes.

SMPS 2024, September 3–6 2024, Salzburg, Austria

There’s two special sessions related to imprecise probabilities: (i) Theoretical and applied aspects of imprecise probabilities, organised by Enrique Miranda and Arthur Van Camp; and (ii) Machine learning and decision making under weakly structured information, organised by Thomas Augustin, Christoph Jansen and Georg Schollmeyer.