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Imprecise Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics

Posted on April 26, 2022 in Topic Overviews by Alessio Benavoli (edited by Ignacio Montes)

I was glad when Ignacio Montes, SIPTA’s Executive Editor at the time, invited me to write a post on my research journey on Quantum Mechanics (QM), a journey undertaken together with Alessandro Facchini and Marco Zaffalon. Everything started with an article by Hans Christian von Baeyer, titled Quantum Weirdness? It’s All in Your Mind, published in Scientific American 2013. The article is about Quantum Bayesianism (QBism), a model of QM in which the wave function exists only as a mathematical tool employed by an agent to assign his or her personal belief that a quantum system will have a particular property.

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30 Years of Credal Networks

Posted on March 24, 2021 in Topic Overviews by Dennis Mauá and Fabio Cozman (edited by Ignacio Montes)

Credal networks combine the intuitive expressivity of graphs and the principled treatment and flexibility of imprecise probability to deliver a powerful framework for uncertainty management. Here, we briefly motivate the use of credal networks, provide a historical account of their development and present a commented bibliography on existing surveys and tutorials on the topic.

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