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Bylaws of the

Approved by the General Meeting of the Society for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications, 30 April 2009. Amended July 13, 2017.

Process for Conducting an Election of the SIPTA Executive Committee.

  1. Only SIPTA members can be candidates for the Election of the SIPTA Executive Committee. Candidacies from all Members are requested by the Executive Committee, along with a brief biographical and vision statement. The Executive Committee tries their best to get at least seven candidacies for at-large, and at least two candidacies for all other offices. Multiple nominations from an individual are acceptable.

  2. A Teller Committee consisting of three Members who are not standing for office will be chosen by the Executive Committee through a discussion and vote as arranged by the President (possibly done by electronic means such as email). The Executive Committee provides the Teller Committee with a list of Members and a list of candidacies along with their statements.

  3. The Teller Committee makes the list of candidates and their statements available online. After two weeks (to allow the Teller Committee to correct errors) the list is declared final and the Teller Committee asks all Members to cast their vote by email directed to an address provided by the Teller Committee. The Teller Committee is responsible for sending people a confirmation email that their vote is received.

  4. If an individual has been nominated for, and chooses to stand for, more than one office, then that individual can only be elected to one office. The top-down ranking of officers is President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Editor, and at-large. Election to a higher office precludes eligibility to be elected to a lower office.

  5. The voting process for all offices is fractional transfer STV (single transferable vote) with the Droop threshold. In case of ties, the Teller Committee contacts the tied candidates and asks them whether they can come to an agreement as to who of them should take up the office. If no agreement can be established, it is up to the discretion of the Teller Committee to find a fair way to break the tie, possibly after consultation with the Executive Committee and the tied candidates.

  6. The Teller Committee announces the results of the election by email to all Members.

Process for conducting an electronic General Meeting of the SIPTA.

  1. In addition to the procedure described in Article VI,the SIPTA Executive Committee may also organise electronic meetings of the SIPTA outside the ISIPTA conferences. In those General Meetings, bylaws suggested by the Members and changes and additions to the articles may be considered and voted, in the terms stipulated in Articles VI.3 and VI.4, with the proviso that participation in the meeting can only be done electronically.

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