Software tools for imprecise probabilities

This page provides and gathers information about software tools related to imprecise probability theories (i.e. lower previsions, credal nets, Dempster-Shafer theory, possibility theory, ...).

Research groups and Researchers

IPGVariousyesyes Varied Bayesian approaches yes
DenoeuxMatlab/Ryesyes Data mining Belief functions yes

Third-party implementation tools

JNCC2Javayesyes Classification Credal Network yes
GL2UPython/C++yesyes Classification Credal Network yes
RAMAS Risk CalcN.A.nono Risk analysis Probabilistic/fuzzy arithmetic yes
DecideITN.A.noacad Multi-criteria decision aid yes
ImprobPython/C++yesyes General library Lower previsions yes
ELVIRAJavayesyes Decision aid Graphical models yes
linLIRRyesyes Linear regression Liklihood Approach yes
imprProbEstRyesyes Model estimation Statistical learning yes
DSI ToolboxMatlabyesyes Uncertainty propagation Belief functions yes
Weka-IPJavayesyes Classification with GUI Credal classification yes
IPP ToolboxRyesyes Uncertainty propagation Belief functions yes
Belief ToolboxMatlabyesyes Belief manipulation DST and DSmT yes
RefereeToolboxJavayesyes Belief merging Belief functions yes
EvCombRRyesyes Belief merging Belief functions and imprecise probabilities yes
HYRISKRyesyes Uncertainty propagation Hybrid method yes

Third-party implementation tools

LRSCyesyes Vertex enumeration Polyhedron yes
cdd/cdd+C/C++yesyes Vertex enumeration Polyhedron no
GSLC/C++yesyes Mathematical tools/routines General tools no
CVXOPTPythonyesyes Convex optimisation Optimisation no
lpsolveCyesyes Mixed Integer Linear Prog. Optimisation no
JaulinC++/Scilabyesyes Interval Analysis yes
KappalabRyesyes Set-function handling Capacities yes

Description and references

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