Online Resources in Imprecise Probability

These pages contain some resources for information and documentation about imprecise probability maintained by SIPTA.

The SIPTA Mailing List

The SIPTA mailing list serves the purpose to rapidly disseminate information about imprecise probability. The list is intended to favor discussion about topics in imprecise probabilities, and to communicate events, such as conferences and schools, that are relevant to the field.

The list is moderated by the current Executive Editor of the society and its URL address is mailman.ti-edu.ch/mailman/listinfo/sipta. There you can find information about subscription and the list archives of posted messages.

Questions about IP: mailing list and stackoverflow

The SIPTA community wants to promote the use of the popular Stack Exchange (SE) Question & Answer sites to answer questions about IP in general and to diffuse information about IP in general. Since there is no specific imprecise probability tag on these sites, we encourage anyone having a question about IP to

  1. Post the question on an appropriate SE site, among which are:
    • Mathematics: questions related to the mathematics of IP
    • Cross Validated: questions related to statistics, stochastic processes, ...
    • Computer science: questions related to algorithms, complexity, ...
    • Math Overflow: questions related to the more advanced mathematical aspects IP
    • Signal processing: questions related to (Kalman, Kernel) filters and their extensions, ...
  2. Post a link to the question to the mailing list, to make the community aware of it.

Please encourage others, such as junior researchers and students, to ask questions on these forums.

SIPTA documentation

The SIPTA documentation section gathers introductory documents written by experts. They deal with various topics such as foundations, special cases, information measures, ...

Click here to access the documentation page.

New Papers in Imprecise Probability

This is a RSS feed to flag new papers of interest for the community.

To subscribe the RSS feed just click here.

To post new paper announcements send a message to sipta-papers@idsia.ch with the title of the paper in the subject and abstract, url and list of the authors in the body. The announcement will be also forwarded to the SIPTA mailing list.

Click here to visualize the papers.

Software Tools for Imprecise Probability

A page providing and gathering information about software tools related to imprecise probability theories is available here.

The SIPTA Newsletter

The SIPTA newsletter contained information about imprecise probability theories and applications, and was edited by Fabio G. Cozman. It is now replaced by the BLOG.

Contributions and suggestions to this latter can be sent to the executive editor, Sebastien Destercke.


Vladimir Kuznetsov's Book ''Interval Statistical Models''

SIPTA has received the permission to make freely available Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov's book ''Interval Statistical Models''.

Igor Petrovich Kuznetsov and Evgeni Vladimirovich Kuznetsov are gratefully acknowledged for giving their authorization as legal owners of the copyright of this book. SIPTA is also grateful to Igor Kozine and Enrique Miranda for their help to make this possible.

Read a commentary on Kuznetsov's book by Igor Kozine.

You can download the whole book (in Russian) as a single pdf file, or in different parts:

Also a low resolution version for screen visualization is available.

If you can read russian, you might consider getting involved in a collaborative translation of the book.

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