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These pages contain some information about the main events organized by SIPTA, including special sessions and tutorials devoted to Imprecise Probability and organized by SIPTA members.

Conferences and Schools

ISIPTA Conferences

The International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications* (ISIPTA) is organized every odd year, since 1999. These meetings are one of the primary international forums to present and discuss new results on the theories and applications of imprecise probability.

The Eleventh International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications took ISIPTA back to its roots: twenty years after its first edition, it returned to the medieval city centre of Ghent. What have we learned since then? Which questions still remain open? And what problems should we tackle next? The local organising committee is composed by Jasper De Bock, Gert de Cooman, Alexander Erreygers, Arne Decadt and Natan T'Joens of Ghent University. More information is available on the ISIPTA 2019 conference website.
A total of 81 contributions were presented at ISIPTA 2019, 45 full papers, 6 short papers and 30 poster abstracts. The complete list, with the PDF version of each paper, can be found here.

Information on the past symposia is available at:

*The old name of the conference, before ISIPTA '05, was International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities and Their Applications.
**These proceeding have been accepted for indexing to the ISI Web of knowledge.

SIPTA Schools

The SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities is organized every even year, since 2004. The aim of the school is to introduce interested students with the basics of imprecise probability topics, both theoretical and applied.

Some of the best specialists in different aspects of imprecise probabilities lecture, during one or two weeks time, on the main concepts and techniques associated to their area of expertise, in a friendly environment favoring interaction between participants. An important part of the time is devoted to the resolution of proposed exercises involving applied problems.

The Ninth SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities will be held in Liverpool, UK, on July 13-17 2020. The local organization is handled by the the Risk Institute. More information is available at the school website.

Information on the previous schools is available at:

Sponsored events

SIPTA has recently decided to start sponsoring events in the field of imprecise probability, uncertainty, risk and reliability. The first such sponsored event will be the upcoming 8th International Workshop on Reliable Engineering Computing (REC 2018), to take place in Liverpool, on July 16-18 2018. The workshop is organised by the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty. The event is chaired by Professor Scott Ferson, University of Liverpool. For enquiries, please email info@riskinstitute.org.uk. More information is available from REC 2018 webpage.

Special sessions, related conferences and tutorials

IP Special Sessions, related conferences and tutorials.

This section gathers information about conferences, special sessions, and tutorials organized by SIPTA members in past or upcoming conferences or that may be of interest to the SIPTA community.

Forthcoming events:
Past events:

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