This is the home page of SIPTA (Society for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications).

Here you can find information about the conferences and the schools that the Society organizes.

We also provide some sources for information about imprecise probabilities mantained by SIPTA.

A description of the Society, its aims, articles and executive committee is reported, too.

  • The online SIPTA School continues on January 2021, from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th. This week there will be two seminars:
    1. Introduction to imprecise probabilities, by Ignacio Montes. Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th January, 1pm (GMT).
    2. Inferential models, by Ryan Martin, Wednesday 27th, 3pm (GMT), and Thursday 28th December, 1pm (GMT).

  • The online SIPTA School starts on December 8th. This week there will be two seminars:
    1. Credal networks: specifications, algorithms and complexity, by Fabio Cozman and Denis Mauá. Tuesday 8th December, 11am (GMT).
    2. Game-theoretic foundations for statistical testing and imprecise probabilities, by Glenn Shafer, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th December, 2pm.
    A detailed schedule for these two seminars can be found here.

  • Invitation to participate in the collective project to translate Kuznetsov´s Book: Kuznetsov´s 1991 "Interval Statistical Models" is an earlytext in the domain of imprecise probabilities. It is currently only available in Russian. A project to enable such a collective translation of the book has been set up under the umbrella of SIPTA, initiated by Enrique Miranda and Erik Quaeghebeur. The current state is updated regularly. The end goal is a publishable translation, but the effort may prove useful long before that goal is reached.
    The project is housed on GitHub, as a (currently) private organization. SIPTA members interested in just having a look or participating should send their GitHub user name to Erik Quaeghebeur. They will then be given access and, in case you express an interest to participate, follow-up steps will be initiated. In case you want to participate, but strongly prefer not to go through GitHub, or if you already know in which way you prefer to contribute, please say how in your mail. People that know Russian are obviously very valuable as translators or translation-correctors. However, many tasks do not require knowing Russian (beyond Google translate). Individuals’ contributions will be tracked, so that everyone involved can be given due credit.

  • The SIPTA School 2020 will be running online from December to February. The idea behind this is that, rather than squeezing everything into one or two exhausting days, a series of smaller events distributed over an IP week or two will be less exhausting, less susceptible to the distractions of emails or other pressing business, and much easier for speakers to find a slot that fits their schedules.
    You can register your interest here and start the formal registration here. Each topic/speaker will be assigned a week in which speakers can schedule their talks. The exact days of the lectures will be known soon. I will be sending you another message with the updated schedule as soon as possible. Most (if not all) of the sessions will be during the afternoon in Europe, likely in the 12-4 pm CET time interval. All talks will be recorded and shared on-line shortly after the event.
    For more information about the events, speaker and topics, you can visit the SIPTA School website.

  • ISIPTA 2021 Conference (Granada, 6-9 July 2021): The website is now available here. There, you can find information about the conference, including important dates, call for papers and information about submissions, can be found in the website.

  • ISIPTA 2021 Conference: The Twelfth International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications will be held in Granada (Spain). Dates: July 6-9, 2021. More information will be provided soon.

  • The Risk Institute is pleased to host the Ninth SIPTA summer school. We warmly invite all the students and researchers in imprecise probability to participate. Refreshments, lunches and lodging for students will be provided. Find out more information here. The School was initially scheduled in July 2020, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak the school will be postponed to a new yet unknown date, or until testing kits with a very high specificity will be largely available to the population.

  • Special Session on "Modeling uncertainty and vagueness in decision making and economics" in the 13th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2020). For more information, contact with Davide Petturiti and Barbara Vantaggi.

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